A Career in Law


Law is a set of rules that regulates human conduct and establishes rewards and punishments. It provides a framework for peaceful society and allows people to work together. It also serves to preserve individual rights, protect minorities against majorities, and enable social change.

While most people agree on the basic purposes of law, there are many differing opinions about how to achieve those goals. In particular, there are differences about who should make and enforce the laws. The political landscape varies greatly from nation to nation; in some cases, an authoritarian government may serve the interests of its people better than a democratic one.

In the United States, our system of law is based on a constitutional framework that includes separation of powers between the legislative, executive and judicial branches. This system is intended to prevent any one branch of government from gaining excessive power and becoming “a law unto itself.”

Most of the laws of the United States are statutes, rather than court decisions. Those statutes are compiled into the United States Code, an official compilation of all federal laws that has been revised and expanded on several occasions.

Many statutes give the executive branch authority to create regulations. These are usually published in the Federal Register and codified into the Code of Federal Regulations. A wide range of lawsuits turn on the meaning of a regulation, and a court’s interpretation of that meaning carries legal weight under the Chevron doctrine.

In addition to statutes, a country may have other kinds of law, including customs, tradition, or religion. These types of laws are not as clear as statutes, but they can still be very important to a society.

There are many different fields of law, including tort law, which deals with compensation for injuries caused by the negligent actions of others; contracts; criminal law; and property law. Some of these fields are more specialized than others. For example, family law is a field that deals with divorces and custody issues; bankruptcy law is a field that deals with liquidation of debt; and civil rights law deals with discrimination and violations of the Constitution.

A career in the field of law can be very rewarding, and it is growing increasingly popular. Lawyers can specialize in a number of fields, and they can find jobs in many sectors of the economy. However, it is important for a person interested in a career in law to understand the basics of each type of law before making a decision to pursue this path. A lawyer should also be aware of the ethical issues involved in his or her chosen area of law. The article Ethics in the Law can help.