Definitions of Law

The law is a social institution that provides a means to resolve conflict and disagreement. It aims to satisfy social wants through the application of rules and principles that ensure fairness and justice. It can also be used to protect people from the actions of others who break the law. The legal system can help to solve issues such as property disputes, personal injury and employment discrimination. The purpose of the law is to ensure that everyone’s rights are respected. Laws can make sure that all citizens have equal access to services and that they are treated fairly regardless of their background, wealth or social class. It can also be used to regulate the activities of government agencies and businesses.

Law is a complex concept and has many different definitions. Some of the most common include:

A rule that governs a particular area of human activity or conduct:

A set of rules governing a profession:
An act of a legislature or other authority, or the principle that such an act is right:
a group of people who are bound by the same legal rules:
A body that establishes standards for a group:
A document containing a statement of policy, procedure or regulations:
A formal system of rules for a nation: