Healthy Relationships


Relationships are social connections that form a key part of our lives. These include relationships with friends, families and other people we know and love, but they also include non-romantic relationships that involve closeness and emotional connection. Whether these relationships are strong or weak, they affect our physical and mental health over the course of our lives.

1. A Relationship That Brings Happiness

When you’re in a good relationship, it makes you happy. This happiness is contagious and can last a lifetime. Studies show that when you feel a strong bond with someone, your brain is stimulated in areas that help boost your happiness levels. This can lead to more fulfilling life experiences and better mental health.

2. A Relationship That Ensures Healthy Lifestyles

When your loved ones encourage you to take care of yourself and live a healthier lifestyle, you’re more likely to follow their example. This can help you make better choices that are healthier for your body and mind, such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and not smoking.

3. A Relationship That Allows You to Be Your True Self

If you’re in a healthy relationship, you’ll have a chance to explore and express your unique personality. Your partner will likely want to know what makes you happy and how you feel, so it’s important to discuss this with them.

4. A Relationship That Builds Trust

It’s important to develop and maintain trust in your relationship, says Joy Giorgio, a behavioral health therapist at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center. Having trust in your partner can reduce anxiety and improve the quality of your relationships, which can help you feel more comfortable sharing sensitive information.

5. A Relationship That Balances Giving and Receiving

When you’re in a good, balanced relationship, you’ll have equal amounts of affection, energy, love and support. This can help you stay healthy and happy in your relationships, and it can also keep you connected to your partner when you’re experiencing difficulties in other parts of your life.

6. A Relationship That Promotes Healing

Having a good relationship can help you heal from the pain of past hurts and current struggles. It can provide a safe space for you to share your feelings, and it can help you learn to let go of things that are no longer serving you.

7. A Relationship That Strengthens You

When you have a good relationship, you can count on having support when you need it most. Your partner will be there for you when you’re feeling down or in a rut, and they can give you guidance and support when you’re feeling confident and proud of yourself.

8. A Relationship That Strengthens You

A good relationship is one that promotes positive behaviors and helps you achieve your health goals. When your family, friends and loved ones encourage you to eat well, exercise regularly, avoid alcohol or tobacco, and other positive health practices, it’s easier to do them yourself.