Traveling and Hotels

Traveling and hotels

The two words travel and hotel go hand in hand, and have been associated for centuries. In the United States, the hotel industry boomed after World War II, as incomes rose and commercial travel took off. The rise of organized labor and the interstate highway system played an important role, and hotels soon became key links between cities and places.


When traveling or booking a hotel online, you may have noticed that the prices vary based on your location. Using cookies or your IP address, travel sites track your location to determine which prices to show you. They also use the Basic Service Set Identifier (BSSID) of your wireless access point to figure out your location.

In order to find the best hotel for you, first familiarize yourself with the city or location you’re visiting. Once you’ve learned about the area, identify hotels that will fit your budget and preferences.

Cancellation policies

When traveling, you need to know what cancellation policies apply. Some hotels have flexible cancellation policies, while others may be stricter. The cancellation policy for your hotel may also be different than for an airline. Make sure to check the website of the hotel brand you are planning to stay at to find out what cancellation policies apply to you.

For instance, Hyatt allows guests to cancel without penalty up to 24 hours before their arrival date. Other hotels may have different policies, but most allow you to change or cancel your reservation free of charge.

Price comparison websites

If you’re planning a trip, price comparison websites can help you get the best deals on hotels and travel services. They can also help you find the best deals on car hire and insurance. There are many different price comparison websites, and each one has its own unique advantages. These sites offer great convenience and are easy to use, and they can also save you time by letting you compare the best rates in just a few clicks.

Priceline: This website lets you compare hotel prices on various travel sites. This website has curated lists of hotels, as well as special categories. It allows you to find the best rates for hotels based on their reviews and ratings. You can even use the site to plan future trips.

Diversity initiatives

Many travel and hotel companies have begun to prioritize diversity initiatives as a key strategic imperative. These efforts help hospitality organizations attract the best talent, develop inclusive practices, and connect with a diverse client base. Hiring a chief diversity officer can help ensure that diversity is addressed at every level of an organization.

The hospitality industry has a long way to go in increasing the number of people of color in leadership positions. According to the Castell Project, Blacks hold only 1.5% of director-level positions. Companies such as MGM Resorts International are also making an effort to hire individuals with disabilities.