What Is Technology?


Technology is the tools, materials and methods used in science, engineering, math, medicine, astronomy, and industry. The word technology comes from the Latin technologia, meaning “the art of crafty manufacture.”

Technology has helped people in a variety of ways including providing access to education and medical information. It also helps people stay connected with friends and family. It has made it easier to travel, work remotely and communicate with others from around the world. In addition, it allows businesses to create and maintain websites to advertise their products and services. The use of technology has been the cornerstone for many successful businesses.

Modern technology is complex and requires a lot of training to make and operate. There are several fields of study that focus on the different aspects of technology including computer science, information technology, and mechanical engineering. There are even some online schools that offer degrees in the field of technology. These programs allow students to learn the latest technologies and create a portfolio that can help them find jobs.

Inventors, designers, builders, and users of technology must often consider a wide range of potential outcomes before choosing the most efficient means to a desired end. The development of technology can be a slow and costly process, and its adoption is often controversial. Frequently, new technologies generate unintended side effects that are not fully understood and may prove harmful to humans. For example, contour plowing, vaccines, and nuclear energy have all triggered public debate and sometimes formal regulation.

Today’s technology provides children with a wealth of educational games, videos and articles to aid in their learning. However, it is important that children are guided by their parents to use these resources responsibly and safely. They should also be aware that digital media is incredibly easy to manipulate, and this can be done in a number of negative ways.

Although technology has brought with it a number of positives such as improved communication, better health and safety, etc, it has also had its share of negatives like addiction to gadgets, less interaction with society, loss of physical activities, etc. These issues have become more prevalent in recent times as technology has become an integral part of our lives.