Factors That Determine the Credibility of News


When you read the news, it is important to consider the source of the information. There are several factors that determine the credibility of a piece of news, including its impact, timeliness, and relevance. When determining the value of a news story, you should also consider whether the information in question is ironic.


Relevance is a complex construct shaped by social context and linguistic strategies used by news users. For example, news users attribute importance to a story based on its social significance, which includes the number of people who are likely to be affected by the story, the disagreements over a particular issue, and the likelihood that it will influence the formation of an opinion.


There is evidence that news consumption can negatively impact our mental health. For example, a systematic review found that news consumption decreased the quality of daily life in young adults. Although the effects of news consumption are not fully understood, the effects of news consumption on daily mental health and distress were found to be substantial.


Historically, the concept of timeliness has been a central theme in news production and consumption. Timeliness was of critical importance to newspapers in the nineteenth century, as timely accounts of events helped attract readers and increase revenue. It was also reified through organizational and monetary rewards. In turn, timely accounts increased readers’ chances of participation in far-off affairs, reinforcing the ritualistic character of news.

Ironic account

An ironic account of news is a story that makes a surprising statement about a subject. It can be as simple as a newspaper story with an unexpected twist. For example, someone who is an airplane pilot may be surprised to learn that their job is not as glamorous as they thought. Or, a member of a group such as PETA may be surprised to learn that their organization is banning animal skin products.


Since the advent of television, the line between entertainment and news has become increasingly blurred. While some changes have been beneficial to journalists, others have posed new challenges. In the 1960s, many television networks became concerned with their image and expanded their news operations. This largely separated the church of news from the state of entertainment.


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